Sasquatch or Bigfoot

BigFoot or Sasquatch?

Many of our fans already know that Mel the Sasquatch has long been the official mascot of Kokanee Glacier Fresh beer. What our fans may not know is that Mel is in the midst of an identity crisis. You see, all this time he's been certain that he's a Sasquatch. Then one day a visitor to Columbia Brewery showed him a drawing of Big Foot. Mel had to admit that the sketch looked remarkably like what he saw when he gazed at his reflection in a bottle of cool, clear Kokanee Glacier Fresh beer. He also had to admit that he does indeed have big feet.

Now, we at the Columbia Brewery suspect that Kokanee Glacier Fresh beer fans may be able to help Mel figure out whether he truly is a Sasquatch or just a run-of-the-mill Big Foot. If you think you can help Mel solve this mystery, please drop us a line at


Kokanee Glacier Fresh Fans Respond:

"I don't know what Mel is worried about. As everyone knows, Sasquatch gorge themselves on salmon, knock back Kokanee Glacier Fresh beer like there's no tomorrow, and smell an awful lot like burnt rope. These things describe Mel perfectly. There is no question in my mind that Mel is a Sasquatch of the highest order."
~ Vanessa
Creston, BC

"Sasquatch is from the Halkomelem language word "sásq'ets" of the Coast Salish Indian Nation. The term that describes the animal itself based on their ancient legends. The term Bigfoot is a general term, that is used in the colloquial sense without regard for the specific nature with respect to lifeform. It was first coined in the Humboldt Times in an article by Andrew Genzoli in 1958. Therefore, Mel is, first and foremost, a Sasquatch because of the length of time the term has been around for, and, also taking into account for respect of the beast and the great taste of Kokanee Glacier Fresh beer. Quod Erat Demonstratum. "
~ John Francis

"Hello Mel: Rest assured you most defiantly are called a Sasquatch. You where born and raised in Canada therefore you are not mistakenly called a Bigfoot like your American cousin is. As the story goes the first nations people referred to you as Sasquatch and it wasn’t until some lost hunters in the United States came across your cousins foot prints did that false name first appear. They seemed to think that the size of an appendage is a way of defining ones self. Mel, of course defines himself with his fine taste in beverages and dining habits. Cheers Mel.
~ Bob McKenzie
Creston, BC